Task Check List
Listed below are the tasks needed to be completed to request a schedule of Web Scheduler - Plumbing plans. Start at Task 1. Some of the tasks may have a series of steps for you to perform, just follow their instructions. You will be returned to this page and the checkbox checked upon each successful entry of data for each task.

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  Task 1) Enter Your General Plumbing Plan Review Information
  Task 2) Enter Customers for this Plan Review
  Task 3) Enter Building Specific Plumbing System
  Task 4) Enter Site Specific Plumbing System
  Task 5) Proofread and Submit
General Plumbing New Terminology:
A plumbing plan begins with the specification of a plumbing system. A plumbing system may be submitted for either or both of the types below:

1) Building Specific Plan (Task 3) - Interior, exterior elements serving a single building or group of identical buildings. You will need to go through this step for each non-identical building you submit in this plan.

2) Site Specific Plan (Task 4) - Serving two or more independent buildings or not associated with a building. This will be done only once.