Task Check List
This application has been improved with new features
  • The application will automatically schedule a Plan Review request after submission in Task 4 provided that all the necessary accurate information is provided.
  • Unscheduled Plan Review will get processed manually by DSPS staff.
  • Any special request will be addressed by DSPS staff after Plan Review request is scheduled or during manual process at DSPS discretion.
  • The application will allow user to search for Customer, Facility and Site information from existing records using Partial or Full Name of the Customer, Facility or Site name
  • Customer, Facility and Site information will get populated once the corresponding ID is selected in the respective screen.
  • Adding New Customer, Facility or Site Record:
  • The application will search for entered Customer, Facility and Site information before adding it in the system to avoid duplication
    • If the information is found, the application will allow the user to select and use the existing information respectively
    • If the information is not found, the application will add the corresponding information as a new record

Listed below are the tasks needed to be completed to request or schedule a Plan Review. Start at Task 1. Some of the tasks may have a series of steps for you to perform, just follow their instructions.
You will be returned to this page and the checkbox checked upon each successful entry of data for each task.

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  Task 1) Begin your Appointment Request
  Task 2) Enter Customers for this Plan Review
  Task 3) Enter all Related Building Objects and Structural Components
  Task 4) Proofread and Submit